Skagway Brewing Company

Skagway Brewing Company’s new facility is one of the largest of its kind in Alaska. The facility is three levels and just above 18,000sf of restaurant, two bars, merchandise store, industrial brewing area, aeroponics grow room, and office space. This large project needed to carefully fit into Skagway’s Historic District. Complicated building code requirements such as attaching to neighboring buildings, fire separations from between multiple uses had to be carefully planned. The end result is an open and airy atmosphere, with great views of the brewing rooms from the dining area, or a wonderful sunny balcony deck for dining. Sustainably minded owners reused wood drops for stairs and bar tops and found ways to reduce waste. The aeroponic grow facility on the third floor captures waste CO2 from the brewing process to feed plants that are then used in the restaurant. MRV is very proud of taking part in such a great project.