Craig Middle School Renovation

MRV and our consultant team is working with Craig School District on renovations to Craig Middle School. Currently, Design Development documents are complete and the granting application has ranked 4th in the State of Alaska for funding.

The MRV team worked with school staff to perform a needs and condition survey. The team prioritized critical building issues, such as ADA access and supervision, then worked through conceptual options to find a solution that accomplished the most within a limited budget.

The preferred design was able to meet the budget goals by leaving structure in place and only revising non-bearing partitions. Consolidating inefficient spaces allowed us to create a new central commons area, providing improved circulation and visual control of the school from one desk. We recaptured blocked clerestory windows to flood the central Commons with natural daylight. To make the Commons a gathering place, we took the existing problem of varying floor heights and created playful seating features that link the lowered and raised portions of the building, while solving ADA access needs.

Our engineer team worked closely with school maintenance to prioritize mechanical and electrical needs. Every item was pursued with budget and efficiency in mind. The proposed design keeps costs practical, while spaces become more enjoyable and a source of student pride.