Lemon Creek Master Planning

The Lemon Creek Area Plan strives to encourage future development that should protect its cultural and natural resources, provide for quality housing, and walkable, bikeable, safe neighborhoods, while sustaining its position as an attractive area for local businesses — Juneau’s midtown. The community of Juneau should use the plan to pursue ongoing solutions to enhance the livability and functionality of the area, while preserving, promoting, and enhancing positive features and economic growth for future generations.

Completed in 2017, MRV worked pro bono with CDD on facilitating public meetings, a design charrette, and in creating an overall graphic plan for the project. MRV lead multiple public meetings gathering feedback and sketching ideas for improved vehicle and pedestrian linkages, neighborhood identities, and commercial development functions. Materials and findings were developed into final graphics and text documents that were given to CDD for assembling into a final document.