Downtown Juneau Wayfinding Project

MRV teamed with Mayer Reed for the initial phase of CBJ Wayfinding planning. Zane played a major role in helping lead public meetings and facilitate Mayer Reed’s specialized design skillset. Walking tours and information gathering was a significant element of early planning. Zane was the team liaison with many local stakeholder groups, including; HRAC, Filipino Community, JAHC, State Library Archive & Museum, and others. Paul and Zane both worked to produce the initial maps and review content for accuracy. The Wayfinding project is particularly relevant for the Douglas Visioning plan. The Wayfinding project identified important elements of the Downtown Juneau in order to distill information quickly for visitors and residents. The project identified important visual icons, distinct neighborhoods and districts, and placed them on a pedestrian walking map. Likewise, interpretive content was distilled into a series of signs for visitors to quickly understand the unique history and culture of Juneau. The Wayfinding project took care to acknowledge Native voices and helped place the Auk Village District on the map. Tlingit place names were vetted and placed on the map with the help of multiple Native organizations.