Lemon Creek Master Planning

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The Lemon Creek Area Plan strives to encourage future development that should protect its cultural and natural resources, provide for quality housing, and walkable, bikeable, safe neighborhoods, while sustaining its position as an attractive area for local businesses — Juneau’s midtown. The community of Juneau should use the plan to pursue ongoing solutions to enhance the livability and functionality of …

Sitka Waterfront Masterplan

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The Sitka Waterfront Master Plan included two phases.  Phase I was an over-all master plan that looked at five different regions that comprised the central Sitka waterfront core.  Phase II was a subsequent refined master plan that focused on the most strategic central section of the waterfront which contained the convention center, library, boat harbor, bus and car parking, and …

Alaska Ocean Center

Alaska Ocean Center

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The Alaska Ocean Center is a proposed facility to be located on the site of the old “Subport”, a prime piece Juneau waterfront adjoining the Coast Guard Facilities in the “Willoughby District” downtown.  The property, currently owned by Alaska Mental Health Land Trust, has long been identified for prime waterfront development. The proposed design is a single-story facility, show-casing the …

Icy Strait Point

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MRV Architects was hired by Huna Corporation to provide conceptual site planning and detailed building design for comprehensive expansions to their visitor facilities at Icy Strait Point, just outside of Hoonah. The new site plan and building additions were central to a major expansion around a new deep-draft cruise ship dock, which substantially increased the number of visitors to the …

Marine Exchange of Alaska

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This new facility, providing vessel tracking world-wide with a focus on North Pacific international traffic, features a 24-hour vessel monitoring operations center.  This central function is supported by offices, meeting space, and electronics shops needed to sustain this technology-rich enterprise. The three story 6,400SF building is located on a very small urban waterfront site.  To fit required spaces, the building …

Cordova Center

Cordova Center

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The Cordova Center is an ambitious multi-use community facility combining library, museum, performing arts, meeting space, and municipal offices to service this small fishing community. The 33,000 SF project is located on a formerly-vacant site in the center of Cordova’s Main Street, helping strengthen the city core.  The four-story facility provides a critical pedestrian link between the lower working water …