Cyril George

Cyril George Language Center

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Cyril George Language Center, Egan Library Schematic ModificationsMRV provided conceptual options to create a new Cyril George language center, recapturing under-utilized portions of the Egan Library. A preferred option was developed into a completed schematic design, including estimate, for grant purposes. Finished spaces included main assembly space and language lab classrooms. Back to Portfolio

Mt. Eccles High School

Mt. Eccles Elementary School

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Mt. Eccles Elementary School This comprehensive upgrade included the complete renovation of the existing school structure, and major new construction to add a full gymnasium, stage, and music instruction. Several previous additions and modifications to this 1950s school had left it with a confusing entrance far from the public spaces and office.  The focus of the reno/addition was to remedy …

Sitka Public Library

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Sitka Public LibraryThe Sitka Public Library project is a renovation and expansion of the original design.  The project started in 2011 as a Foraker Group study, with MRV studying new sites and expanded program.  Subsequently, the City and Borough of Sitka hired MRV to develop more options, settling on a moderate 60% expansion along with full reconstruction of existing portions. …

Kodiak Public Library

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Kodiak Public LibraryInitial MRV design work for the new Kodiak Public Library was started through the Foraker Pre-Development Program, with substantial involvement in the selection of a new library site.  Subsequently, MRV was selected as the project architect to complete design for the library. The new library facility occupies 16,000SF on a beautiful hilltop location, with views across the community …

Thunder Mountain High School

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Thunder Mountain High SchoolThis 166,400 square-foot new facility supports a student population of 850, with possible expansion to 1,100. The school’s design, which included Fanning Howey Architects, was strongly influenced by beautiful Mendenhall Valley site. A river metaphor organized the site and parking configuration, with a flow to the primary entry.  The entry and adjoining free-form Commons space provides extensive …

Cordova Center

Cordova Center

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Cordova CenterThe Cordova Center is an ambitious multi-use community facility combining library, museum, performing arts, meeting space, and municipal offices to service this small fishing community. The 33,000 SF project is located on a formerly-vacant site in the center of Cordova’s Main Street, helping strengthen the city core.  The four-story facility provides a critical pedestrian link between the lower working …