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Corey Wall joined MRV in 1998, working as a team member on the Haines Borough Public Library, Sitka High School and other projects. During his time at the University of British Columbia he continued to develop deeply local NW Pacific Coast architecture with a focus on the ways in which buildings can contribute meaningfully to the public realm. The keystone of his Masters program was a year-long thesis project exploring how a new Juneau Maritime Museum located at the base of the future Alaska State Capitol site could help return public life to Juneau’s industrial waterfront. Since returning home to Juneau, Corey has continued his focus on public projects—particularly libraries and educational facilities.


Master of Architecture, University of British Columbia, 2006
Bachelor of Arts, St. Olaf College, 1994
Registered 2011, AIA# 12834
LEED AP BC&D Certified, 2011
• Volunteers at his daughters’ preschool while they’re still young enough to appreciate his presence
• Former Member of Perseverance Theatre Board of Directors

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