MRV Architects began in 1952 as the offices of Linn A. Forrest, FAIA. Through the years, new partners have brought their unique talents (and initials) to the firm. Major corporate revisions include Minch Ritter Forrest in 1983, Minch Ritter Voelckers in 1989, and MRV Architects in 2005. Currently, Paul Voelckers is the President of MRV Architects.

Paul Voelckers

President, Architect

Paul owns and operates MRV Architects

Robert Minch

Emeritus Architect

Zane Jones


Matt Voelckers


Spencer Stekoll


Chris Florendo

Office Manager
“While there are other competent architects in our Southeast Alaska community, I have found none that manifest the degree of project ownership and pride of accomplishment that MRV Architects have demonstrated.”
Milt Luddington, Former Municipal Engineer, City of Sitka