Revit, 3d Modeling, and BIM

Autodesk's AutoCAD has been the dominant drafting tool for decades, but the future is their successor program: Revit. When you draw, for example, a door in ACAD, the program doesn't know that it's a door. But Revit does know (this is called Building Information Management -BIM), and that opens up wonderful new degrees of efficiency. If you have a Revit model with a dozen of the same door types, and you need to make an alteration to that door type, you only have to change the door once, and the rest update on their own (not necessarily so in ACAD). And if you want to add another door to a model at the last minute, it's automatically numbered and added to the door schedule. And if adding that door forces the schedule onto two pages instead of one, that's fine, because all the subsequent pages and callout references are automatically re-numbered. This saves hours of work, and thus saves time and money for clients.

MRV is a pioneer of Revit use in Alaska, and making the transition was not easy. The program costs thousands of dollars per year, and requires untold hours of training, but the efficiency and facility it affords have made the transition well worth it.